Bridge to Nowhere Pale Ale by Belhaven Brewery

Bridge to Nowhere Pale Ale

by Belhaven Brewery
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Brewed in honour of the “Bridge to Nowhere” which carries Belhaven footpath over to the Bay, this seasonal beverage from Belhaven is here to liven things up. Challenger and Cascade hops brewed over a lager malt give it a zesty and zingy character, with the sprightly citrus notes balanced out by its satisfyingly sweet hoppiness. Just like the footpath disappearing under high tide, your thirst will be well and truly quenched under a mouth-watering wave of this bright gold beverage. The actual bridge will keep you dry though. - Learn more about Belhaven Brewery


  • Beer Style: Pale Ale
  • ABV: 4.0%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

Belhaven Brewery

Belhaven – or “Beautiful harbour” – nestles among the rolling barley fields of the beautiful East Lothian coast, around 20 miles east of Edinburgh. For nearly 300 years, they have brewed here using only the finest local barley and choicest hops. Established in 1719, Belhaven is Scotland’s oldest working brewery. With abundant local barley, fine water from the brewery well and access to markets up and down the coast, Belhaven was the perfect place for a brewery back then, and it still is today. With almost 300 years of continuous brewing they've picked up a few tricks along the way. View the Belhaven Brewery page

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