Ruskin Wheat Beer by Canopy Beer Co

Ruskin Wheat Beer

by Canopy Beer Co
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3 Stars
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Canopy chose the owl as the mascot for their Ruskin Wheat Beer. Why? Well - what do owls say? "Two-wheat two-woo!" This flavourful wheat beer is crafted in the classic German style, allowing its fruity tastes to take centre stage. An aroma of malted wheat and cloves gives way to a bold palate of banana and cereals. It's all finished off by a lasting kick of citrus! Watch out for its big foam on first pour though - it likes to show off before settling down! - Learn more about Canopy Beer Co


About the makers

Canopy Beer Co Why chase the exotic when happiness is so close?

In the great words of Canopy Beer Co, beer is a simple pleasure that works wonders when it's done well. From their home in Herne Hill (South London), Canopy brew an ever changing selection of the finest craft beer alongside their three popular staples: Brockwell IPA, Milkwood Amber and Ruskin Wheat. Blessed by their small size, they have the chance to experiment with ideas and create new blends, brought together by an illustrated, children's book style aesthetic. View the Canopy Beer Co page

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