Loxhill Biscuit by The Crafty Brewing Company

Loxhill Biscuit

by The Crafty Brewing Company
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3 Stars
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This lovely and lively blonde ale from the Crafty crew is one of their most memorable! Its amber pour carries scents of malty bitterness that meet the sweetness of fruit shortcake too. It carries on to the palate where the bitter edge takes hold before rounding out with a dry, delectable finish. - Learn more about The Crafty Brewing Company


About the makers

The Crafty Brewing Company Craft brewed in the beautiful Surrey hills

Nestled in the gorgeous Surrey Hills in the town of Dunsfold, The Crafty Brewing Company hand bottle and brew every beer they create. They also pride themselves on their lack of waste, with recyclable materials used wherever possible and spent grain being fed to nearby pigs and cattle too! Their mix of brand new equipment and age-old technique means that the end results are always intriguing, flavourful and leave you craving more! View the The Crafty Brewing Company page

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