Daffy's by Daffy's Gin
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Known as the goddess of gin, Daffy’s unique quality comes from distilling the best French grain spirit they can get their hands on and adding Lebanese mint to the mix. Fresh and lively, sink into nature-fuelled aromas of the sea and forest with a sweet hint of toffee to add decadence. There’s a touch of spice in the flavour, giving way to a rich mouthful of fruits, juniper and a slight minty tingle. Made to be sipped on the rocks, or to add a touch of class to a good old G&T. - Learn more about Daffy's Gin


  • Gin Style: London Dry
  • ABV: 43.4%
  • Unit Size: 700ml
  • Country: England

About the makers

Daffy's Gin Small Batch Premium Gin

Daffy is the Goddess of Gin. First written about in the 1700s, Daffy is the essence of great gin, a lover of life who has transcended the decades. Daffy as painted by Robert McGinnis is the visualisation and personification of the taste, charm, sophistication, complexity and depth of gin. By using the finest pure wheat grain spirit from northern France then distilling it in the same manner as malt whisky on an ancient single batch copper pot still. The botanicals are a combination of the traditional – juniper, coriander seeds, cassia bark and the new – Lebanese mint and rare variety lemons. The quality of the base spirit and use of botanicals results in a deeply complex and well balanced spirit that is exceptionally good to drink on its own over ice, in cocktails or as a life-changing D&T with fresh mint and lime. View the Daffy's Gin page

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Daffy's by Daffy's Gin Daffy's by Daffy's Gin

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