Noblesse by De Dochter Van De Korenaar


by De Dochter Van De Korenaar
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3 Stars
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In its almost pilsner-like amber body, this Belgian Ale from DeDochter carries complex scents of sharp cherry, citrus and hay. A light touch of grains come through on the palate to soften the busy palate that brings in a little bit of banana, too! This is a ridiculously thirst-quenching beer that begs to be tried. - Learn more about De Dochter Van De Korenaar


About the makers

De Dochter Van De Korenaar Dutch beer brewed the traditional way

Proud makers of fine Belgian beer, De Dochter van de Korenaar are a family-run brewery based in the heart of Belgium’s beer community. Founded in 2007 by Dutch couple Monique and Roland Mengerink, they found a spot on the Belgian landscape that gave them enough room to build a brewery in their back garden! Now, they craft award-winning beers that are loved all across Europe. View the De Dochter Van De Korenaar page

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