Drygate Gladeye IPA by None

Drygate Gladeye IPA

4 Stars
4 Stars
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A supersized Cyclops wading through a sea of tiny binocular beers, Gladeye IPA is a triple-hopped Titan, and you are Hercules, here to vanquish it by drinking it all up. A beacon of brute strength from the beard-besotted brewers at Drygate, Gladeye IPA mulls marmalade, biscuit malts, butterscotch and melon to create a mammoth ale with serious clout. A mild peppermint hoppiness and delicate vanilla notes bring this brawny beer to a close.


  • Style: IPA
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

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