Shipwreck IPA by Eden Mill Brewery

Shipwreck IPA

by Eden Mill Brewery
4 Stars
4 Stars
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This flavoursome IPA is big and hoppy with lots of sweet tropical fruit notes. Not too bitter on the forefront with mellowed hop aromas due to long conditioning periods. A refreshing, tropical fruit aroma with a mellow floral hop character, which leads to a dense hoppy body. It has a good bitterness that develops alongside ripe, fruity notes, mellowing into a gentle, sweet finish. - Learn more about Eden Mill Brewery


About the makers

Eden Mill Brewery
Eden Mill Brewery The spirit of St. Andrews

Eden Mill in St. Andrews are Scotland’s first and only distillery and brewery in one. They're a small team that started with beer, but now produce a great range of whiskeys and gins as well, some of which even they admit aren't for everyone - they prefer to retain individuality and interesting flavours rather than appealing to mass markets. Founded by beer-loving Paul Miller, they use locally sourced barley and believe in supporting local farmers around Scotland. View the Eden Mill Brewery page

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