Eden Mill Original Gin by Eden Mill
Eden Mill Original Gin by Eden Mill Eden Mill Original Gin by Eden Mill Eden Mill Original Gin by Eden Mill

Eden Mill Original Gin

by Eden Mill
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3 Stars
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Based on a classic style gin but with a certain unique take of its own. The distillery based in St Andrews uses juniper berries, lemon balm and citrus peels but more essentially they have introduced locally foraged seabuckthorn berries, a super food also known as simply 'seaberries' that grow not far from the facility. Must've been nice walking out their front door and finding this delicious and creative new ingredient! The berries bring a unique tartness but also balance out well with the other botanical flavours resulting in a light yet complex gin with real character. - Learn more about Eden Mill


  • Gin Style: London Dry
  • ABV: 42.0%
  • Unit Size: 700ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

Eden Mill The Spirit of St Andrews

Eden Mill make Premium Scottish Gin in Scotland for the world of gin lovers to enjoy. Traditionally made by hand using copper pot stills, the gin is proudly crafted by their distillers who have a cultural desire to innovate and tingle the taste buds. Perfect as all-year round gin gifts or simply to enjoy yourself or with friends. There are no vast, computerised gin production tanks at Eden Mill. Because of this, every day they create and tinker, touch, smell, and taste. They source ethically and locally from the verdant fields and wild coasts of Scotland. Their gin recipes are punchy and exciting. The moment you taste this gin; you know you’ve never tasted anything like it before. View the Eden Mill page

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