Estrella Damm 330ml by Estrella / S.A. Damm

Estrella Damm 330ml

by Estrella / S.A. Damm
£ 4.80


In 1876, master brewers August and Melanie Damm from Alsace fled the Franco-Prussian War and settled in the Mediterranean. After realising beer was the key to braving sweltering heat (it seems so obvious now), they developed a newer, lighter lager. To this day, the same recipe of barley malt, rice and hops is used to create the Estrella we know and love. With a peppery bitterness and careful, subtle fruit notes, Estrella is the perfect beer to fight off a heatwave. It also translates as ‘Damn Stars!’, which, if you do not drink responsibly, is what you’ll be arrested for drunkenly yelling into the night sky. - Learn more about Estrella / S.A. Damm


  • World Classics Style: Beer
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: Spain

About the makers

Estrella / S.A. Damm Beer of the Mediterranean

It's a winning combination: the sunny seaside of the Mediterranean meeting an ice-cold, refreshing beer. This Barcelona-based brewery have been brewing for over 120 years, their drinks becoming what can only be called staple components of the Spanish diet. We're joking – but with the beating sun shining on the brewery every day, you'd struggle to not crack the bottlecap at every possible opportunity! View the Estrella / S.A. Damm page

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