Damm Inedit by Estrella / S.A. Damm

Damm Inedit

by Estrella / S.A. Damm
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4 Stars
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‘Inedit’, in French, means undiscovered or unpublished; something that’s never been done before, which defines this beer perfectly! With an aroma of orange rind, coriander and liquorice, this wheat beer was crafted by sommeliers and chefs who chose to give it a creamy texture, soft fizz and a complex, brilliant flavour palate. - Learn more about Estrella / S.A. Damm


  • World Classics Style: Beer
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Estrella / S.A. Damm Beer of the Mediterranean

It's a winning combination: the sunny seaside of the Mediterranean meeting an ice-cold, refreshing beer. This Barcelona-based brewery have been brewing for over 120 years, their drinks becoming what can only be called staple components of the Spanish diet. We're joking – but with the beating sun shining on the brewery every day, you'd struggle to not crack the bottlecap at every possible opportunity! View the Estrella / S.A. Damm page

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