Orange IPA by Firebrand Brewing Co.

Orange IPA

by Firebrand Brewing Co.
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3 Stars
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Real, zesty orange peels are used in the brewing process for this citrus heavy IPA. Spiciness comes through in the nose thanks to the use of First Gold hops, then crisp, Cornish water smoothens the palate allowing the flavours to come through in full force. - Learn more about Firebrand Brewing Co.


  • Beer Style: IPA
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Firebrand Brewing Co.
Firebrand Brewing Co. Cornish craft beer brewed how we like it

Firebrand Brewing is a Cornwall based company that started life in early 2014 when Joe Thomson, the Head Brewer of Penpont Brewery, and Chris Hassall, his partner in the Beer Cellar bottled beer shops and bars, decided that they wanted to create beers that they wanted to drink. It’s this mantra that runs through everything they brew. From a tiny stand at a craft beer festival in February 2014, Firebrand Brewing has grown and grown, now exporting to Ireland, France and Spain. They use the finest British barley, hops from around the world, and even their own spring water, all with a unique drive to create truly innovative beer. In late 2014 Firebrand Bar & Restaurant was launched to combine their love for modern craft beer and great Cornish BBQ. View the Firebrand Brewing Co. page

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