Pilsener by Flensburger Brauerei


by Flensburger Brauerei
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4 Stars
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Pouring a translucent, honey- like shade of gold and carrying a soft fizz, this pilsner is the perfect summer brew! Classic, citrus zestiness dominates the nose with grassiness coming through too. Sharp meets sweet on the tongue, with lemony flavours and roasted caramel touches balancing each other out. - Learn more about Flensburger Brauerei


  • Beer Style: Pilsner
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Flensburger Brauerei Listen for the pop of the bottlecap!

Back in the 19th century, the Flensburger team used to keep their beer cold by chopping ice from the lake nearby, resting their creations on it underground to keep it cool throughout the Summer. Over 100 years later, this team are one of Germany's last independent brewers, producing beer with the iconic 'pop' cap! They still use pure water, except this time it's from a vein of Ice Age water from nearby Scandinavia – bliss! View the Flensburger Brauerei page

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