Früh Kolsch by Cölner Hofbräu Früh

Früh Kolsch

by Cölner Hofbräu Früh
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3 Stars
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Pouring a lustrous shade of gold that’s topped with a thin white crown of fizz, this regal brew has a nose doused in notes of spice and hops that make way for a delicious and refreshing flavour. On the palate, spice meets the honey sweetness of the brew’s malts, before winding out on a light and fruity pear finish. - Learn more about Cölner Hofbräu Früh


  • Beer Style: Craft Beer
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Cölner Hofbräu Früh One of Germany's oldest and most respected brewers

Founded in Cologne back in 1904 by one Peter Josef, Cölner Hofbräu Früh prides itself on its small selection of meticulously crafted brews; ones they've been working on for the best part of 100 years! Now considered one of Cologne's favourite beers, their brewing site used to be found slap bang in the city centre, but has since relocated to the outskirts to make room for exceptional demand. The brewery remains in the same hands, though. Josef's family (five generations down) still hold the keys! View the Cölner Hofbräu Früh page

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