8 Bottles of Guinness West Indies Porter by None

8 Bottles of Guinness West Indies Porter

£ 2.15


A superbly flavourful porter, whose noticeably hoppier profile harks back to perilous sea voyages once bravely made in the name of booze. In days gone by, the way to preserve a beer on a long voyage by boat was to ramp up the hops. Guinness have seized this happy historical happenstance, and produced a modern day rendition of its Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Heavy on the toffee as well as the hops, this sweet porter packs a potent little punch, and makes a pleasant addition to the ever expanding Guinness roster.


  • Style: Beer
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • Multipack: 8 × 500ml
  • Country: Ireland

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