Netebuk's Wheat Beer by Gulden Spoor

Netebuk's Wheat Beer

by Gulden Spoor
3 Stars
3 Stars
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Nostalgic notes of bubblegum and white bread battle with gooseberry and struck matches on the nose of this hazy, peachy beer. Crisp flavours typical of a Belgian yeast beer come through on the palate first, with sour pineapple flavours livening up its mineral-smooth mouthfeel. - Learn more about Gulden Spoor


About the makers

Gulden Spoor Beer the Belgian way!

Brewing has been in the blood of this little Belgian town for over 100 years! Back in the early 1900s, Gulden Spoor’s founder’s ancestors worked at a brewhouse named St. Antoine, but it took the younger ones a good few decades to set up their own shop. The married couple behind Gulden are methodical, scientific souls (bio-technologists and engineers by trade), but their beers are like some sort of perfectly executed experiment. Thank god for their clever minds! View the Gulden Spoor page

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