Hawkes Ginger Beer by Hawkes

Hawkes Ginger Beer

by Hawkes
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4 Stars
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An alcoholic ginger beer made with ginger, kiwi and mandarin to give it a delicious sweetness. It's a fresh, fruity drink with a great ginger bite that finishes with a delightful kick - a welcome alternative to synthetic-tasting mainstream ginger beers. All natural ingredients make this a great refreshing drink to enjoy on its own, or as a perfect addition to a cocktail. - Learn more about Hawkes


About the makers


Hawkes are a London based company that make craft cider and alcoholic ginger beer. Founder Simon Wright started it all back in 2012 with just a saucepan, some ginger and some empty bottles. Hawkes believe in recreating the spirit of London’s working class heroes, deploring the mass-market ethos of the big corporate beer companies. To demonstrate this, in early 2015 they made Urban Orchard cider, made with apples sourced from around London. They want to provide a hand-crafted, more personal feel to their products, and after a lot of apple picking and ginger-cooking, they've become frequent faces at street festivals and in bars. They are expanding all the time, looking for new ways to create. View the Hawkes page

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