Hepworth Honey Ale - DUPLICATE by Hiver

Hepworth Honey Ale - DUPLICATE

by Hiver


Honey beer is Hiver's speciality, always made from 100% British ingredients. This brown ale mixes dark roasted malts with raw blossom and heather honeys, the barley giving the ale its deeper colour. It gives off a rich sense of chocolate on the nose, mingling with the light honey sensations. Bramling Cross and Admiral hops add a twist of bitterness to the flavour to remind you that this is still a robust brown ale despite that fact that it's oozing with honey sweetness. - Learn more about Hiver


  • Beer Style: Brown Ale
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: UK

About the makers

Hiver Their honey. Our beer.

Hiver is a London-based brewer that focuses on producing great honey beers with honey sourced from independent British beekeepers. Founded by Hannah Rhodes, Hiver's aim is to bring the tradition of honey beer back to the UK, while at the same time supporting local trade - even their glasses are made by British manufacturers. They also support a range of pollinator charities by donating 10% of their profits, with a view to sustaining these traditional industries. For Hiver, honey isn't just an added flavouring, but a main ingredient, meaning their beers are balanced perfectly between malts, hops and honey. View the Hiver page

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