ELDER by The Hop Studio


by The Hop Studio
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3 Stars
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Crisp and ridiculously refreshing, this wheat-led blonde beauty carries gentle aromas of flower bouquets and elderflower. On the palate, bold hits of banana come in to meet the gentle elderflower and spice notes, taking you to peaceful, warmer climates. This one's for breezy, summer days. - Learn more about The Hop Studio


About the makers

The Hop Studio

Founded in 2012 by Dave Shaw, York based brewers The Hop Studio had one goal: to brew great beer that's full of flavour, not being afraid to use exotic ingredients and large amounts of hops to achieve this aim. A staunch beer lover and prolific home-brewer for decades, Dave originally worked in IT for 20 years, but packed it all in to follow dreams of brewing amazing beers, with the help of his wife and co-director Dawn. The beer launched at the York Tap railway station pub, and is now enjoyed all over the country. View the The Hop Studio page

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