Imperial Stout Fighting Ale by Howling Hops

Imperial Stout Fighting Ale

by Howling Hops
£ 3.85


A whole heap of flavour that will grab hold of your senses and give them a good shake up. It’s as dark as they come, oozing with richness and a fresh lift from the hops. A super smooth brew that hides its strength well, proceed with caution and enjoy its easy drinkability. - Learn more about Howling Hops


  • Style: Imperial Stout
  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: England

About the makers

Howling Hops Hop heavy London craft beer

Howling Hops began life as a teeny, tiny brewery underneath the Cock Tavern in Hackney, London 2011. Since then they’ve been busy nailing their recipes on their 4-barrel kit and have settled into their new Hackney Wick premises. The exciting part is their launch of the UK’s first Tank Bar, where you’ll be drinking beer straight from the source- as fresh as it gets. Howling Hops strive for boldness in their beers, making lots of American style brews which are becoming increasingly popular across the UK for their hop heavy flavours. View the Howling Hops page

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