Rum Finish by Innis & Gunn

Rum Finish

by Innis & Gunn
4 Stars
4 Stars
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Once a mere limited edition brew, this rum-soaked ragamuffin socked and scrapped its way to centre-stage and now sits pride of place amongst Innis & Gunn’s core brews. Matured using oak that’s been soaked in specially selected rums, this ruby red ale boasts an aroma of mulled spices, and deep fruity malt flavour, bolstered by rum spices whilst still remarkably light and refreshing. - Learn more about Innis & Gunn


  • Beer Style: Scottish Ale
  • ABV: 6.8%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

Innis & Gunn Brewed in Scotland

Established in 2002, Innis & Gunn is an Edinburgh based company that brews its fantastic beers in Glasgow. The beer was originally developed as a way of flavouring the barrels used by distiller William Grant for its ale cask reserve whisky. The original plan was for the beer to be discarded after it had flavoured the barrel, but the brewers noted that the process had an agreeable effect on the beer, and thus aging the beer became an end in itself. View the Innis & Gunn page

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4 Stars

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