Cosmopolitan popcorn by Joe & Sephs

Cosmopolitan popcorn

by Joe & Sephs
£ 3.00


Craving a cheeky cosmo but have nothing useful lying around to make one with? Okay, so this isn’t quite the same as the real thing but what kind of alcohol company would we be if we didn’t offer boozy snacks? The taste champions at Joe and Sephs bring you real vodka and triple sec infused popcorn with a blend of orange, cranberry and lime flavours. - Learn more about Joe & Sephs


  • Mixers & Snacks Style: Snacks
  • Unit Size: 80g
  • Country: England

About the makers

Joe & Sephs

Watford based Joe & Seph's are popcorn experts that believe in revolutionising popcorn, air popping it and mixing it with a range of creative flavours. It's a family-run business that started in 2010 after founder Joe Sopher began making batches of interesting popcorns for his friends, having been inspired by trips to the USA. He realised that the snacks were a big hit and saw that no one else was doing anything like it, so he decided to turn the idea into a small business, with the help of his wife and son. The company has now grown to a point where they are producing around 500kg of popcorn per day. Their distinctive range uses unusual flavours, including goats cheese & black pepper and gin & tonic - a healthier snack that packs in a huge amount of flavour. View the Joe & Sephs page

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