Jubileum by Kinn Brewery


by Kinn Brewery
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3 Stars
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Perhaps you could mistake this hazy wheat beer for lemonade if you were to observe its pale yellow pour. Effervescent and well-laced, it has a citrusy note to its scent that’s mixed with wheat and a slight kick of coriander too. Those bright notes transfer onto the palate too, where it’s met by a slight bitterness. - Learn more about Kinn Brewery


About the makers

Kinn Brewery Traditional European brewing with an inspired modern approach

Back in 2009, between the fjords of Western Norway in the small town of Florø, Espen Lothe decided he wanted to brew beer. What started as a humble home beer factory soon turned into a fully- edged brewery in the Scandinavian country! Lothe and his team pride themselves on ‘doing it the old- fashioned way’, which means their collection of beers will always taste great without any of the distracting frills. View the Kinn Brewery page

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