California Common by Knops Beer Company

California Common

by Knops Beer Company
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This deep golden brew came to North Berwick via beachy California! Known in the industry as a 'steam beer', Knops' California Common carries a clean aroma with glimmers of spice and woodiness throughout. On the tongue, its crisp and sweet with pleasant hints of malt and toffee. The palate signs off with a bitter hit; surprisingly refreshing instead of overwhelming, making *this* a craft beer fan favourite! - Learn more about Knops Beer Company


About the makers

Knops Beer Company Beers you'll love to drink; no beard required!

From their East Lothian brewery, Knops have been brewing fine IPA's and stouts for over 5 years. Inspired by beers that were popular as far back as the 19th century, they're embracing the drink's rich and often overlooked history. Those with the most discerning tastes will be glad to know that drinkability comes first for the Knops clan - meaning their old style brews have been given a faithful, if modern update! View the Knops Beer Company page

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