Grapefruit IPA by Krafty Brew

Grapefruit IPA

by Krafty Brew
£ 2.50


An IPA with a hard-hitting grapefruit and floral aroma coupled with hints of lemon and lime. The first taste is very bitter and simcoe hops are evident, and the overall flavour is of zesty grapefruit with a great refreshing bitter finish. - Learn more about Krafty Brew


  • Beer Style: IPA
  • ABV: 5.4%

About the makers

Krafty Brew

Krafty Brew is a unique brewing experience based in Edinburgh that offers people the chance to make their very own custom beer. Founded only a couple of years ago by Marcus Doherty, Krafty Brew lets you choose everything about your beer, from hops to flavour additions, and even the label design, all under the guidance of their in-house brewing experts. Marcus started the venture after getting frustrated by the usual bland beers on offer, and then making a mess in his house by trying to brew his own. He wanted to give everyone the chance to make their signature beer, and now we can. Krafty Brew also use their expertise to brew their own range of beers if you'd rather trust the masters. View the Krafty Brew page

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