Burro de Sancho Porter by La Sagra

Burro de Sancho Porter

by La Sagra
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3 Stars
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A brilliant addition to La Sagra’s Burro De Sancho range, this light-bodied porter carries all of those iconic flavours – coffee and chocolate particularly – while not being overbearing or ‘dessert-like’. A pleasant bitter note arrives in the final moments of the sip, and it’s apparently a brilliant brew to pair with red meat – so perfect for winter weather! - Learn more about La Sagra


  • Beer Style: Porter
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

La Sagra
La Sagra A young and dynamic beer brand that is changing Spain's perception of craft

The base of La Sagra’s brewing recipe has barely changed over the course of 400 years, ensuring every beer they create is grounded by tradition and great flavour. Set in the heart of Toledo, just outside the bustling Spanish city of Madrid, the team have expanded and diversified over the years. Now, they not only brew their own beers but have a fantastic spin-off ‘Donkey’ range that’s as delicious as all the brews that have come before it. View the La Sagra page

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