McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin by McQueen Gin

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin

by McQueen Gin
£ 29.65


Like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in a bottle. Sort of. It’s still very much a gin, experimenting in flavour for a tasty bit of fun in your glass. It’s rich with fruity orange and decadent chocolate tastes, spicy gin botanicals giving it a warm and tingly kick. Something a little bit different from the usual juniper attack. - Learn more about McQueen Gin


  • Gin Style: Flavoured
  • ABV: 42.0%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

McQueen Gin Producers of Premium Scottish Craft Gin

When they hit the gin scene in 2016, Vicky and Dale McQueen did so with an air of rebellion and a bold statement: “McQueen Unique Hand Crafted Scottish Gin is definitely NOT just another gin.” The Callander-based distillers went even further by proclaiming that, despite the bewildering choice available today, the vast majority of gin tastes just like… well, gin. It was this notion that inspired McQueen’s unique range of gins; a range of gins that, in their own words, do not conform. Sure, there will always be that essential juniper gin character but McQueen promises that you really can taste the difference in their products. View the McQueen Gin page

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