Heatsink by Metalman Brewing Co


by Metalman Brewing Co
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3 Stars
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This smoked porter packs the heat for a fiery take on this classic dark beer. It’s brewed with a decent helping of German smoked malt which combines with the chocolate and coffee aroma for a rich and complex character. The finish is warm, provided by the Cayenne pepper which is added to the kettle during the brewing process giving the beer that spicy kick. - Learn more about Metalman Brewing Co


  • Beer Style: Porter
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: Ireland

About the makers

Metalman Brewing Co Made by beer fiends of Ireland

Like many successful breweries, Metalman is the result of two beer lovers who were disgruntled at the tiny range of craft beer in Ireland and decided to just make their own. Packing in the 9-5, Gráinne got cracking on setting up the Waterford based brewery, which began brewing in 2012. It’s been growing in scope ever since, launching their range of cans after this trend hit the market in 2015. Their core range of beer is complimented by seasonal and special releases and they’re constantly working on developing new and exciting recipes. The name is rooted in their region’s heritage, the figure of the Metal Man being a navigational aid on the coast of Waterford, keeping those at sea on the right course. View the Metalman Brewing Co page

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