Allelic Drift by Mordue Brewery

Allelic Drift

by Mordue Brewery
4 Stars
4 Stars
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Pouring bright and golden with an ‘in-your-face’ white head, this New World Golden Ale from Mordue’s Panda Frog collection carries fizzy scents of tangerine and lemon rind. Lovers of more nuanced, imbibable brews will love its delicate flavour, which brings in a little earthiness to mellow out the send off. - Learn more about Mordue Brewery


About the makers

Mordue Brewery What Mordue Want?

Originally founded over 100 years ago by Joseph Mordue himself, Mordue Brewery has experienced a craft beer renaissance thanks to two Tyne and Wear brothers. Garry and Matthew Fawson revived the old guy's superb ales back in 1995 and have spent the best part of twenty years reinventing the business, while picking up numerous awards along the way. Now situated in West Chirton Brewery, just across the road from the original site, the brothers have had a long running, successful stint on the UK craft beer scene. View the Mordue Brewery page

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