Pin-Up Pale Ale by Pin-Up Brewing Co

Pin-Up Pale Ale

by Pin-Up Brewing Co
4 Stars
4 Stars
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The luxurious pour of this pale ale carries a rich scent of apricot and malts. Loads of American Cascade Hops grace the drinker's palate with bitter spice, bringing in a subtle, boozy edge in the aftertaste! - Learn more about Pin-Up Brewing Co


About the makers

Pin-Up Brewing Co

Chances are, you have run into Pin-Up Brewing Co on the craft beer circuit before. If you've been down Brighton way, their brews have been doing the rounds there for quite some time. Or maybe you've been to a gig at London's Alexandra Palace? On occasion, they appear to serve awesome brews to gig-goers from across the city! There is one thing that stays in place though: Pin-Up's craft concoctions are always loved by those who drink 'em! View the Pin-Up Brewing Co page

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