Belgian White by Point Brewery

Belgian White

by Point Brewery
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3 Stars
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Traditional Belgian style ales inspired this particular Point brew. They’ve whipped up their own variety using white wheat, barley, oats and malt for a decent sturdy base before hopping with Hallertau and Saaz. This hazy white-gold beer carries flavours like Curacao orange and a hint of coriander, for a light-bodied beer that’s smooth and refreshing. - Learn more about Point Brewery


About the makers

Point Brewery Pour happy.

The Stevens Point Brewery is steeped in a history that has transcended the trials of the Civil War, the Great Depression, and Prohibition. More than 160 years later, Wisconsin's Stevens Point Brewery continues to successfully brew quality beer, just as the brewery's founders, Frank Wahle and George Ruder, did in 1857. View the Point Brewery page

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