9 Hop IPA by Robinsons Brewery

9 Hop IPA

by Robinsons Brewery
4 Stars
4 Stars
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Undoubtedly brewed with the ‘hop-head’ in mind, this (obviously) hop heavy brew from Robinsons is intense and complex from the moment you crack off the bottle cap. Its aroma is blessed with sharp kicks of citrus and grapefruit that mellow out as they make way for flavour. Doused in delicious marmalade and with a slight hit of malt, this multifaceted IPA seriously stands out. - Learn more about Robinsons Brewery


  • Beer Style: IPA
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Robinsons Brewery Brewing Perfection since 1838

They say the taste of a Robinson’s brew is unmistakeable - unlike anything else you’ll find in Britain today. Having had more than a few sips ourselves, we'd have to agree! With over 200 years in the brewing biz, this family in the North West continue to do great things, with a staple selection of beers that mix old and new perfectly. Nowadays, their brewery is home to the largest hopnik in the world - and they’ve made a collaboration beer with Iron Maiden! Not bad for a family from Stockport, eh? View the Robinsons Brewery page

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