Beardo by Robinsons Brewery


by Robinsons Brewery
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4 Stars
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Though not all craft beer fans have beards, there’s a decent chance that if you’re reading this then you may be sporting some facial fuzz. Unleash your inner hipster with this gorgeous, golden, grapefruity IPA; full bodied and complex, like your beard. - Learn more about Robinsons Brewery


About the makers

Robinsons Brewery Brewing Perfection since 1838

They say the taste of a Robinson’s brew is unmistakeable - unlike anything else you’ll find in Britain today. Having had more than a few sips ourselves, we'd have to agree! With over 200 years in the brewing biz, this family in the North West continue to do great things, with a staple selection of beers that mix old and new perfectly. Nowadays, their brewery is home to the largest hopnik in the world - and they’ve made a collaboration beer with Iron Maiden! Not bad for a family from Stockport, eh? View the Robinsons Brewery page

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