Schlösser Alt by Schlösser

Schlösser Alt

by Schlösser
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2 Stars
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Similar to an English Ale in terms of style, this flavourful beer from the Schlösser team swarms the palate with dark maltiness that grows sweeter the longer it lingers on the tongue. Notes of caramel dominate the nose as you pour. - Learn more about Schlösser


About the makers

Schlösser The original craft of Dusseldorf

It was back in 1873 in the old town of Düsseldorf that an honest breadmaker once dreamed of opening his own brewhouse. Eager to make his dream a reality, he studied the art of brewing, creating his first masterful beer: Schlösser Alt. To this day, that brilliant brew is still sipped by beer lovers across the country, and now in the UK too! View the Schlösser page

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