Spey Stout by Spey Valley Brewery

Spey Stout

by Spey Valley Brewery
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3 Stars
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The original Spey Valley brew! Pouring deep and black with a brilliant beige head, its complex flavour palate moves from dark forest fruits to liquorice, manifesting on the nose with a similar mix of bitter and sweet. A smooth, delicious stout that’s impossible to resist. - Learn more about Spey Valley Brewery


About the makers

Spey Valley Brewery Brewing in a shed near the Spey since 2007

Back in 2007, nobody else in Speyside had caught on to the brilliance of microbrewing. That was, until, a local distiller and farmer decided to use the district’s water (famous for making delicious whisky) to brew beer. On his farmland in Mulben, the brewer set up a tiny pilot plant and collaborated with some likeminded friends to produce ‘Spey Stout’, their first ever brew that gained great critical acclaim before the whole business imploded (in a good way!) in 2012. View the Spey Valley Brewery page

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