In the Dark We Live - Dark Fruits by Tempest Brewery

In the Dark We Live - Dark Fruits

by Tempest Brewery
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Tempest have taken their classic In the Dark We Live- which has the sass of an IPA posing as a porter, and shaken it up with dark fruity flavours. Blackberries, blackcurrants and black raspberries (yes, they’re a thing) turn up the volume of the berrilicious character, adding a blackcurrant hit to the intensity of the hop-fuelled aroma. Dark malts swill through the flavour, battling with the juicy burst of hops before the fresh berry sensation takes hold in the finish- the bitter bite demanding the attention of your taste buds. - Learn more about Tempest Brewery


  • Beer Style: Fruit Ale
  • ABV: 9.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: Scotland

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About the makers

Tempest Brewery Scottish beer meets NZ spirit

Adventure is what started Tempest Brewing, the founders Gavin and Annika meeting in the tail end of the 90’s while working in a brew pub. From there, they took off halfway across the world to New Zealand. It was from their determination to brew great beers that Long White Cloud, Tempest’s flagship beer, was born in a Christchurch garage. They took the fresh, bold flavours of the South Island back to Scotland where they bottled their adventure-inspired beers with quality local ingredients. They’re passionate about getting creative with flavour profiles and making beer that just tastes great. All the hard work paid off, Tempest winning the prestigious title of Scottish brewery of the Year at the Scottish Beer Awards in 2016. View the Tempest Brewery page

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