Jasmine Green Tea Ale by Ticketybrew

Jasmine Green Tea Ale

by Ticketybrew
5 Stars
5 Stars
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This gentle, pale ale is light and is combined with jasmine green tea phoenix pearls for an edge of luxury. There’s a bit of lemon peel chucked in there too, balancing with the bitterness of the Saaz hops for a balanced brew. It’s a delicate, floral aroma from the tea infusion, the flavour carrying the sweetness of the yeast with the hoppy bitter bite and fresh lemony tinge. - Learn more about Ticketybrew


  • Beer Style: Golden Ale
  • ABV: 4.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: England

About the makers

Ticketybrew Handmade and Belgian inspired

With a taste for Belgian beer, husband and wife Duncan and Keri Barton embarked on the adventure that was starting the TicketyBrew brewery in 2013. Based in the town of Stalybridge, their brewing journey began as bottle-only and has since expanded. TicketyBrew beers are characterised by finding the perfect balance of yeast, Belgian yeast being their not-so-secret ingredient. They aim to pour something tasty yet different, without getting too wacky, down the throats of the nation. Think more classic styles with a modest pinch of TicketyBrew spirit. It’s an ongoing journey to discover new flavour combinations and the perfect yeast to enhance these, Head Brewer Duncan’s motto being “Whatever you can taste in the beer – you’re right”! View the Ticketybrew page

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