Jinny Howelt Helles by Tractor Shed Brewing

Jinny Howelt Helles

by Tractor Shed Brewing
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3 Stars
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Taking inspiration from Germany and their spectacular brews, Tractor Shed’s Jinny Howelt Helles is a traditional lager beer with earthy, adult flavours. It’s not too heavy, though! Toffee, grass, and woody notes come through too in this curious beer. - Learn more about Tractor Shed Brewing


  • Beer Style: Lager
  • ABV: 4.1%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Tractor Shed Brewing Kicking back, drinking beer, having fun!

Based in the North West English countryside, just outside of Workington, Tractor Shed has been given their name for a very obvious reason. All of their brews start out life in their tractor shed brewery (obviously), and their focus on great beer instead of off-putting, craft beer pretense means that there’s a brew in here for everybody. A sessionable stout and a refreshing pilsner? These guys tick all of the boxes! View the Tractor Shed Brewing page

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