Modus Operandi by Wild Beer Co

Modus Operandi

by Wild Beer Co
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A Wild update of an old English style ale, Modus Operandi is barrel-aged with a good variety of yeasts. The maturation process takes at least 90 days for the wild yeast to kick into gear, transforming the rich flavours of the dark ale. This full-bodied beer is rich with the taste of sweet cherries, berries and tannins. Intriguing and a change from a glass of red wine as a meaty dinner accompaniment. - Learn more about Wild Beer Co


  • Style: Brown Ale
  • ABV: 7.0%
  • Unit Size: 330ml
  • Country: England

About the makers

Wild Beer Co
Wild Beer Co Experimental in flavour

In the heart of the Somerset countryside lies the Wild Beer Co. brewery, sharing their farmhouse space with Westcombe Dairy. Their beers are created out of a passion for experimenting with fermentation, flavour and barrel-ageing. A broad range of ingredients are played around with, nothing is too obscure a challenge for a Wild Beer. Many of their beers are inspired by food, more flavour led than adhering to the rules for particular beer styles, resulting in truly distinctive and unique brews. There’s a focus on local ingredients, from the Cider orchard-grown yeast to whatever is growing in the surrounding vicinity. Wild Beer Co are a crowdfunded venture, raising the funds to build their own brewery so they can keep developing exciting new tastes. View the Wild Beer Co page

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