Harvest Sun Ale by Williams Bros Brewing
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Gold as the Harvest Sun after which it was named, Williams Bros pitch this shimmering flaxen beverage at the honest working man and woman. Buoyed by the fact that this was not brewed for dishonest criminals (hear hear), the resplendent morning light of this magnificently balanced ale is perfect for sessionable consumption on a hazy summer afternoon. Gentle citrus notes are carried in the breeze toward a field of nutty malts and grains, coalescing calmly before your senses. - Learn more about Williams Bros Brewing


  • Beer Style: Golden Ale
  • ABV: 3.9%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

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About the makers

Williams Bros Brewing We are a Brotherhood of brewers, creating unique beers, while enjoying life in and out of the mash tun.

Williams Bros Brewing Company is a Scottish family-owned microbrewery, founded and operated by brothers Bruce and Scott Williams. It started life in a homebrew shop in Glasgow that was owned by the family, when Bruce came upon a recipe for old heather ale using fresh picked heather. After perfecting the recipe, Bruce began selling the beer and demand went through the roof. After years of success after success, the brewery is now based in Alloa, Scotland, and they aim to continue creating and sell exciting new & historical brews worldwide. View the Williams Bros Brewing page

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