Pavlov's Dog by Williams Bros Brewing

Pavlov's Dog

by Williams Bros Brewing
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3 Stars
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If Pavlov had conditioned beers rather than dogs, we’d know a lot less than we do now about learning through stimulus and response, however we would have been graced with this glorious red ale about a hundred years earlier. Well-conditioned in the Williams Bros brewery, this behaviourist beverage is bursting with citrus aromas, fruity toffee flavours, and a malty character to match. - Learn more about Williams Bros Brewing


  • Beer Style: Red Ale
  • ABV: 4.3%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

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About the makers

Williams Bros Brewing We are a Brotherhood of brewers, creating unique beers, while enjoying life in and out of the mash tun.

Williams Bros Brewing Company is a Scottish family-owned microbrewery, founded and operated by brothers Bruce and Scott Williams. It started life in a homebrew shop in Glasgow that was owned by the family, when Bruce came upon a recipe for old heather ale using fresh picked heather. After perfecting the recipe, Bruce began selling the beer and demand went through the roof. After years of success after success, the brewery is now based in Alloa, Scotland, and they aim to continue creating and sell exciting new & historical brews worldwide. View the Williams Bros Brewing page

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