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by WooHa Brewing Company
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All the way from Moray, Scotland, Wooha are a brewery with serious passion. This IPA is a fierce, feisty concoction, brewed with meticulous care to squeeze the very best out of their choice ingredients. Sturdier than your average pale ale, this amber brew is unfiltered and additive-free (like all Wooha brews), and starts by filling your nostrils with toasty toffee. Malty orange and caramel take over the taste, and a nutty undercurrent is buoyed by a well balanced hoppy bitterness. It’s also vegan friendly! - Learn more about WooHa Brewing Company


  • Beer Style: IPA
  • ABV: 6.2%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

WooHa Brewing Company Get a little WooHa tonight!

For WooHa!, the most important part of their whole brewing process is the moment the beer touches your lips. Doing what they do with a careful mix of modern science and age-old technique, this Scottish brewery are widely considered one of the country’s best. Their beers, 100% natural and vegan friendly, are so good that they need no flouncy name to sell them. Instead, they leave that to their delightful mascot: a brilliantly Scottish, one-eyed highland cow! View the WooHa Brewing Company page

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