Wooha Wheat 500ml by WooHa Brewing Company

Wooha Wheat 500ml

by WooHa Brewing Company
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A fruity cornucopia concocted from wondrous wheat, courtesy of Wooha Brewing Company. This hazy brew has Wooha’s no-filtration policy to thank for its foggy façade, but can thank its wheat base for the flavour. Notes of papaya, orange, spicy herbs and the ubiquitous banana tickle the nostrils before treating the taste buds to all this plus more, in the form of peppery floral notes and a refreshing zesty sourness. - Learn more about WooHa Brewing Company


  • Beer Style: Wheat Beer
  • ABV: 6.4%
  • Unit Size: 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

WooHa Brewing Company Get a little WooHa tonight!

For WooHa!, the most important part of their whole brewing process is the moment the beer touches your lips. Doing what they do with a careful mix of modern science and age-old technique, this Scottish brewery are widely considered one of the country’s best. Their beers, 100% natural and vegan friendly, are so good that they need no flouncy name to sell them. Instead, they leave that to their delightful mascot: a brilliantly Scottish, one-eyed highland cow! View the WooHa Brewing Company page

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