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When Soffle's founder Sophie Harvey noticed that there seemed to be rather a lot of pitta, chillies and garlic for sale in Stoke Newington grocery shops, it gave her an idea. She'd heard of a Middle Eastern snack that involved oven roasting pitta bread with olive oil, salt and pepper, and decided to give it a go herself, with the aim of serving it to friends as a dinner party snack. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that in 2010 Sophie decided that there was scope to sell the pitta chips. They became more and more popular, and now come in a range of flavours, including some incredibly spicy numbers that fans of the hot stuff may enjoy.

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Soffles Garlic and Chilli Mild 25g by Soffle's
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£ 2.50
Soffles Garlic and Chilli Wild 25g by Soffle's
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