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SuperNature UK

Carrington Barns Farm near Edinburgh, home of Supernature cold pressed rapeseed oil, is a small, traditionally-run farm, which the same family has been tenants of for five generations, since 1852. It is ideally situated for producing a high quality crop of rapeseed, due to the combination of the long summer days and cooler temperatures of Scottish summers, coupled with a fertile soil that is particularly suited to growing rapeseed and plenty of rain.

Supernature cold pressed rapeseed oil was started by husband and wife Chris and Lynn Mann in 2011, and is produced, harvested and bottled at Carrington Barns. Unlike most oilseed rape grown in Scotland, they chose a spring rather than a winter variety, which is planted in April and harvested in September. Its natural rapid growth means that there is no need for the use of any herbicides or fungicides, so it fits perfectly with their ethos of practical, responsible, sustainable farming.

SuperNature UK

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